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Canadian River Renegades

23rd Annual Chuck Wagon Event

We have 6 wagons registered so far - 3 coming from Colorado and  3 from Texas.

Hoping to have 1 or 2 more register and come.


The 23rd Annual Chuck Wagon Cook off is scheduled for April 26 - 28th this year.

Wagons will start rolling in and setting up April 25-26th and meal will be served the 27th

We had a really good turn out last year and are anticipating the same thing this year.

We will have to go containers for those of you who can't stay and eat with us.

If you need tickets give Bucky a call at 575-403-7680, Sharon at 575-403-8320, or contact Megan at Logan Super Stop and we can hold them til noon on the day of the event, after noon we will release them for resell, since we always sell out and have people waiting.

You can also email me at sreid@canadianriverrenegades.com 

Last year thanks to people donations to our scholarship fund we were able to give away 2 scholarships to local high school seniors.  Those Seniors were Skylar DeLuca and Kimberly Reid


Please Thank our Sponsors and Park Staff

Rick, Laken, Ed, Joslyn, Jorge and Nancy

that make this event possible



Dinghy Dick's Marine
Old Country Inn

Bradley Supply

B & C Storage

Citizens Bank of Tucumcari

Logan Home & Auto Center

 Ute Lake Redi Mix LLC

Farmers Electric

Annex Bar & Grill

Prairie Flour

Dawn til Dusk Construction LLC

 Lodgers Tax

 Ute Lake State Park Staff

 Jim Keith Art











2023 Cook Off at Ute Lake State Park

Even though we didn't have the Cook off in 2020 we had Wagons and individuals contribute money so that the Scholarships could be given. 

Thank you to those individuals that helped provide the Scholarships.

Video of a previous year's cook off

Video by Bill Thompson of the 2014 Cook Off

This Video will give you an idea of the

cook off





Previous Scholarship Winners

 2008 - Klint Rodgers - Logan High School and the American Chuck Wagon Association Scholarship Fund

2009 - Louise Frazier - Logan High School, Mesalands Rodeo Scholarship Fund & American Chuck Wagon Scholarship Fund

2010 - Josh Ruda - Logan High School, Mesalands Rodeo Association Scholarship Fund & American Chuck Wagon Scholarship Fund

2011 - Raymond Castro - Logan High School

2013 - Jaegar Strong - Logan High School

2014 - Skylar Loftis - Logan High School

2015 - Kristopher Cordova - Logan High School

2016 - Katelind Hittson and Brooke Rachor

2017 - Jerome Earle and McKenna Stone

2018 - Shelby Stone and Cambry Lujan

2019 - Brook Robertson and Chase Earle

2020 - Ryen Stone and Robert Stringfellow

2021 - Keile Judd, Adrienne Stone and Kambry Burns

2022 - Reece Goldston and Rille Nials

2023 - Skylar DeLuca and Kimberly Reid

Words of Wisdom


Chuck Wagon Etiquette

  • No one eats until Cookie calls out
  • A cowboy should never help himself to food without Cookie’s permission
  • Never take the last piece of food until every man has had his meal
  • Eat first; talk later
  • Finish your food. A plate not licked clean is an insult to the cook
  • Riders coming into or away from camp should always be downwind from the chuck wagon to avoid dust blowing into the food
  • Do not use the Cookie’s workspace as a dining table
  • If a cowboy is refilling his coffee cup, and someone yells, “Man at the pot,” the cowboy is obligated to fill every cup that’s held out, along with his own.
  • Strangers are always welcome