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Canadian River Renegades

The 19th Annual Canadian River Renegades Cook Off is in the books, and the winners are


1st       Cross Wagon - Vega, Texas

2nd      Mountain Trails - Rye, Colorado

3rd       Cocklebur - Odessa, Texas

4th       Nichols  Wagon - Amarillo, Texas


1st       Cocklebur

2nd      Cross

3rd       Tie - Nichols  Wagon & Mountain Trails


1st       Mountain Trails

2nd      Cross

3rd       Cocklebur

4th       Nichols  Wagon


1st       Mountain Trails

2nd      Cross

3rd       Cocklebur

4th       Nichols Wagon


1st        Cross

2nd       Mountain Trails

3rd        Cocklebur

4th        Nichols Wagon

As we finish our 19th year for the Canadian River Renegades Chuck Wagon we just want to take a minute to say Thanks to all the Wagons that participate and all the Sponsors that make this possible. Some of the Sponsors have been with us from the First Cook Off. Thank you for believeing in the event! Some of the Wagons have been here for all of the Cook Offs and they have become family as well as friends.

APRIL 24th, 2020 will be our 20th year for the Cook Off - so mark your calendars!

sreid@canadianriverrenegades.com or msdinghy@dinghydicks.com.


Please Thank our Sponsors that make this event possible



Dinghy Dick's Marine
Ute Lake Premier Properties/Dos Rios

Logan Food Market


Logan Camber of Commerce

Logan Home & Auto Center  Annex Bar & Grill
Tucumcari Federal Savings & Loan Logan Bass Club
B & C Storage Terry's Service Center
  Ute Lake State Park Staff
DDM Glow in the Dark Swim Suit Coverup
Lodger's Tax

 The Salon -Gift Bag

Annex Gift Certificate






2020 Cook Off at Ute Lake State Park

Video of a previous year's cook off

Video by Bill Thompson of the 2014 Cook Off





Previous Scholarship Winners


2008 - Klint Rodgers - Logan High School and the American Chuck Wagon Association Scholarship Fund

2009 - Louise Frazier - Logan High School, Mesalands Rodeo Scholarship Fund & American Chuck Wagon Scholarship Fund

2010 - Josh Ruda - Logan High School, Mesalands Rodeo Association Scholarship Fund & American Chuck Wagon Scholarship Fund

2011 - Raymond Castro - Logan High School

2013 - Jaegar Strong - Logan High School

2014 - Skylar Loftis - Logan High School

2015 - Kristopher Cordova - Logan High School

2016 - Katelind Hittson and Brooke Rachor

2017 - Jerome Earle and McKenna Stone

2018 - Shelby Stone and Cambry Lujan

2019 - Brook Robertson and Chase Earle

Words of Wisdom

The Chuck Wagon: America’s First Food Truck | INSP TV | Blog


Chuck Wagon Etiquette

  • No one eats until Cookie calls out
  • A cowboy should never help himself to food without Cookie’s permission
  • Never take the last piece of food until every man has had his meal
  • Eat first; talk later
  • Finish your food. A plate not licked clean is an insult to the cook
  • Riders coming into or away from camp should always be downwind from                                the chuck wagon to avoid dust blowing into the food
  • Do not use the Cookie’s workspace as a dining table
  • If a cowboy is refilling his coffee cup, and someone yells, “Man at the pot,”                             the cowboy is obligated to fill every cup that’s held out, along with his own.
  • Strangers are always welcome